June 4 2015 Guide Report

South Holston Tailwater

Half of our trips have been focused on the S. Holston the past few weeks. The low water in Boone Lake has drawn the entire river down, but has pushed lots of fish up river sooner than normal. The TVA has given us consistent pulses and short generations. We have been targeting runs of big brown trout in every section of the river with good success. The usual suspects are prevalent on the river rocks… scuds, midges, and sulphurs. Some black and tan caddis, bwo’s, crane flies, and hendrickson’s have been popping up occasionally, mostly on the middle/lower stretches. The terrestrial bite is picking up and will continue to do so throughout the region.

brown1 brown2 brown3 brown4

Watauga Tailwater

The Watauga tailwater is continuing to produce good numbers in the upper and middle sections, with a big fish bite down low. Some caddis are still hanging around, however the game has switched to sulphurs, terrestrials, and midges.  Generation schedules have varied from 100 cfs to a 800 cfs, giving us nice moderate flows for all sections of the river. Low water in Boone Lake has pushed some stripers up river and we are taking advantage on fly and light artificial tackle. Shad and rainbow trout patterns are producing best. The Watauga is healthy with all the high to moderate water levels this spring, and will continue to provide a great float or wade through the summer months.

taugzilla IMG_2251 IMG_2250 IMG_2249

Freestone Streams

We have been fishing the region’s freestone streams small and large, targeting various bass and trout species. The Nolichucky has had better average sized smallmouth compared to years past. While our numbers are not what we saw five years ago, the river’s population is on a major rebound. With the baitfish populations exploding, it’s been match the hatch time. The topwater bite is picking up in the afternoon and evenings, and some bigger fish are being caught on large patterns during the right hour. The Boone, NC area small streams had a good spring and with the recent rains are pumped back up for early summer. We have sneaked around various creeks with good success, targeting secondary streams loaded with wild brook, brown, and rainbow trout. Golden and black stone fly nymphs, along with yellow sulphur patterns are working well.. The terrestrial bite is also happening, with ants producing best.

brookie1 IMAG0979 IMG_1932 nc small stream