Versatility is the key to our success as a guide service. We have the boats, gear, and know how to fish a wide variety of rivers within our region.

South Holston River

This 17 mile long tailwater river holds some of the largest brown trout found anywhere in the world. Not just known for producing quality brown trout, the fish count exceeds 4000 per mile in certain sections. Our guides pride themselves in knowing every inch of this trophy fishery. Whether its casting to risers, gulping sulfurs below the dam, or chasing giant browns running out of Boone lake, we fish it all. We understand the migrations of these fish and we’ll put you on them year round. Our guides specialize in finding big brown trout, and this is the river to do it. This river can be wade fished or floated depending on the water release schedules, as flows vary greatly throughout the year. The river also boast various species of bass throughout the lower sections and into Boone Lake, including some very large stripers.




Flowing from the depths of Wilbur Lake, the Watauga tailwater is another high quality trout river in our region boasting 2000-3000 fish per mile. This scenic river snakes 18 miles though beautiful rock cliffs and farm country, eventually dumping into Boone Lake. From slack water to plunge pools, the Watauga offers anglers a wide array of fishing situations. Brown and rainbow trout dominate the river, however various species of bass inhabit the lower stretches and into Boone Lake. Both wade fishing and float trips can be booked on the Watauga, depending on the section of river fished, water release schedules, and species targeted. The black caddis hatch from mid to late spring is something to behold, providing some of the thickest hatches found anywhere.



Arising from the confluence of the Toe and Cane Rivers in Huntdale, NC, this majestic river flows 115 miles until it joins the French Broad in the upstream portion of Douglas Lake. This freestone river is perhaps our most scenic float, offering superb smallmouth action during the warmer months, and great rainbow fishing during the coldest parts of the year. It’s not uncommon to land both smallmouth bass and rainbow trout on the same trip from early to late spring. Smallmouth upwards to six pounds have been landed on this impressive float, and most years high numbers of smaller bass are there for the taking. The wintertime rainbow fishing provides the thrill of landing big rainbows, on big flies, in big water. The Nolichucky is best floated throughout the majority of the season.



Considered as one of the oldest rivers in the world, the New flows from the peaks of the Blue Ridge eventually draining into the Gauley River near Fayetteville, WV. Early Atlantic explorers failed to discover the river on initial surveys, thus it was deemed the New River later on. It is near the North Carolina, Virginia border where we chase the splendid New River smallmouth. From early April to late October we float various sections, meandering through beautiful farm country and rhododendron choked forest. The New is very fly-fishing friendly, providing great topwater fishing through most of the warm season. An occasional trout or musky is also a possibility on this diverse river. Wade fishing trips are taken place on the south or north fork, thus float trips are preferred downstream of the confluence.



The S. Appalachians offer endless miles of top-notch headwater fishing. Public and private access are available for wild brook, rainbow, and brown in the high elevation streams. The areas we concentrate our efforts are around and in between Boone, NC and Hampton, TN.  From Oct through May fishing hatchery supported streams, with mixes of wild and hatchery fish, provides a nice wade fishing trip for the beginner angler. Often overlooked, our small stream smallmouth will jump on various fly patterns in some of the most pristine waters found anywhere. Our most pristine small creeks support wild Appalchian brook trout, often eager to smack big dry flies in tiny water. With many seasonal options in our area, the headwater wade trips can be booked year round.


what to bring & expect on your trip

We will provide all necessary fishing gear required for each trip. While guest are encouraged to use their own gear, our guides will be outfitted with
top end rods, reels, and terminal tackle.

Flies, tippet, weights, etc. are no extra charge and will be provided by the guide. Waders and wading boots will also be provided if needed, but guests are encouraged to use their own waders.

Guides will provide cooler space for customer’s food and drink. Guides will provide water and snacks for each trip. Customers may bring extra lunch and drinks in small-medium cooler or use the guides cooler on float trips. Our guides will provide transportation to and from the river from a specified meeting location or
from your lodgings.

You should bring along polarized sunglasses, raincoat or seasonally appropriate coat, sunscreen, and a change of clothes. Our guides can provide
raincoats, hats, glasses, etc. upon request prior to the trip.

You’ll have to provide a valid NC, TN, or VA fishing license depending on the trip. The license may be purchased before hand online, or by phone.

transportation to & from the river

Our guides will provide transportation to and from the river from a specified meeting location, or from your lodgings. Meeting and pickup locations will vary
depending on the river fished, guide location, and lodging location.  Most trips will either meet at the Trophy Water’s fly shop at 207 Hwy 321 Hampton, TN 37658 or at the lodging location of the guest.

how to purchase your fishing license

TN Fishing License
– 1-888-814-8972
– TN ALL SPECIES license is required

NC Fishing License
– 1-888-248-6834
– NC INLAND plus TROUT PRIVILEDGE license is required

VA Fishing License

Trophy Water Guide Service Inc. is not to be held liable for acts of nature or other hazards that are not under the control of the said guide. Guided fishing trips do hold a certain degree of danger that may lead to loss / damage of property or life. By using the services of Trophy Water Trophy Water Guide Service, you — the client or any other entity representing the client, agree not to sue Trophy Water Guide Service Inc for accidents that lead to loss / damage of property or life. Trophy Water Guide Service Inc. will do its best to ensure the safety of our clients.

Hazards and dangers include with limitation:
Water Hazards in boating and wading in the rivers including drowning, Hiking in rugged country, injuries from fishing equipment and other participants, encounters with wildlife, animals, and insects, Temperature extremes, inclement weather conditions and unavailability of immediate medical attention in the wilderness in case of injury.