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Our Stream Report:

One of our favorite things about being a guide is surveying the verge ... going out and determining what's going on in our waters. It gives us a chance to look at water temperatures, flow rates, where the fish are, what's biting, where, and on what. It continues to be one of the most heavily visited parts of our website. We hope you enjoy it.

February Stream Report - 2014

~S. Holston Fishing Report~
We've concentrated our efforts on the S. Holston over the past few weeks, targeting the mid morning through mid afternoon bite. The browns are in post-spawn mode as lots of 10-14 in. skinny guys are hitting the nets. The rainbows are starting their annual spawn and have some have moved onto the gravel. Optimal flows have allowed us to float various sections of river, targeting the hatchs during dropping water. Look for the blue wing action to ramp up as the weather warms. It's a great time to book a float/wade combo trip and hit the hatches!

~Small Stream Report~
Some nice fishing remains on the DH sections of river of the High Country. However, many anglers are looking forward to the March stockings to improve the numbers. The Boone area small streams are experiencing nice flurries of gray stone fly hatches in the afternoon hours. The untypically warm weather late in Feb has hastened their arrival in some parts. Nymph fishing size 12-16 stone fly patterns, such as slow water pheasant tails and slim prince nymphs are doing the trick. Stealth is key right now without any tree or ground cover.

Mid January Stream Report - 2012

~Cast and Blast Float Trips~

The month of January offers us the unique ability to combine waterfowl hunting and trout fishing into one float trip. With our overly healthy resident and migrating populations of mallards, wood duck, black duck, and Canada geese the S. Holston and Nolichucky offer some great untapped hunting opportunities.   The fast paced action experienced on our cast and blast trip keeps the angler/hunter busy throughout the day. Most trips consist of early morning decoy setups, followed by fishing and jump shooting throughout the rest of the day.   Be sure to check out the season dates and bag limits along with license info set by the TWRA.   A $15 duck stamp and TN waterfowl license ($31-$90 instate/out of state) is required. 

~S. Holston Fishing Report~

The S. Holston has been generating during the early morning mornings, offering us some nice float trip options. During dropping water we have been targeting the midge and blue wing olive hatches. Small Griffith gnats and little blue wing emergers have been our go to patterns for catching these rising fish. For subsurface action try fishing little olive mayflies and tiny black midge patterns. We have also been tossing various streamers during dropping water with good success. Of course you can rake egg patterns over the spawning fish… but that just isn't our style.

~NC/TN Freestone Fishing Report~

The designated "delayed harvest" streams in and around the Boone area offer good wade fishing opportunities all through the winter months. With our abnormally warm winter, many folks who couldn't catch good skiing conditions have been hitting the water with us instead.  With decent weather, good hatches of stoneflies and midges have been coming off midday, providing us with some nice mid winter action. The bigger freestone streams in NC and TN are running high and clear. This translates into top notch streamer fishing. Some of our biggest fish are being caught dredging streamers. Big articulated leaches and sculpins have produced best in white, olive, yellow, or black.

Early Winter Stream Report - 2011

~Boone Area Freestone Streams~
The freestone streams in and around Boone are full of water, and full of stocked and wild fish. In the bigger rivers, we have been targeting big browns and rainbow with various streamer patterns. Some of our "go-to" streamers have been olive sculpins and rubber legged buggers. When the trout are not in the mood to chase, we have been tossing nymph rigs consisting of stone fly and caddis patterns. In muddy or murky water, a San Juan worm or egg patterns have produced well. Some dry fly action can be had mid morning during the midge hatches. Griffith gnats in size 22-26 will do the trick.

~South Holston Tailwater~
This time of year, certain sections of the S. Holston River are closed for the spawn. Yet there is still ample water that is not closed, and it is fishing well. The upper river seems to be producing best with the run-spawning-fish upstream. The browns have definitely moved out of the flats and into the riffles or gravel spawning grounds. PLEASE DO NOT FISH FOR THE SPAWNING FEMALES!!! Pulling a spawning female off her redd with light tippet is a sure fire way to harm the fish. Good hatches of midges and bluewings are coming off daily, and dry fly action can take place on most days. Your best bet for catching good numbers is to fish lightweight nymph rigs through the runs and riffles. Size 20-24 bluewing nymphs and midges have been the best producers.

Want to see more? Here are the links to the reports from 2010 and 2011.

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